TTFZones: issue when manually setting an anchor to a zone

I have run into this issue while manually hinting my fractions. If I anchor a few nodes and leave them on auto they work. However, if I manually assign them to a zone (even the zone the auto command would pick up), it seems they don’t get anchored at all. I believe I can make my point clearer with this gif:

Shouldn’t this work or am I missing something?

Glyphs 2.6.5 (1342)

The zone anchors work quite different then in other apps. They are used mainly in accents to make sure the outline has an even distance to the zone. That means it is only useful when the anchor has some distance to the zone.

So this means I should only manually set the anchor zone if the node does not reach the alignment zone? Maybe when my figures are shorter than the uppercase and I want to force them to align at the cap height?

Yes. But they will not be the same height. The difference between the figures and the uppercase will be normalized. So if the uppercase are rounded up, the figure will be rounded up and so on.