TTFZones overshooting

I’ve hinted superscript glyphs with zones: (800;10) and (450;-10) and got this:
Then I set zones to: (800;0) and (450;0), but nothing changed.
53 51

So my quiestions:

  1. How to make overshoot suppression work?
  2. Do alignment zones work at all? Why do [(800;10), (450;-10)] and [(800;0), (450,0)] work the same?


You need to add a special zone for the superiors. Add a filter to only show it with those glyphs.

The anchor > align to zone is not intended for this and will not produce proper overshoot handling.

Georg, your answer here seems to be is a contradiction of each line you write.

I have added a new zone with a filter to handle the tops of my denominators but I get similar problems to what VikER has shown.

If this is not the correct approach can you elaborate on how this should be done please?

Can you send me the .glyphs file?