TTX fails to dump CFF table

I know, it’s not a Glyphs-specific problem, but maybe someone here can help me :slight_smile:

My TTX can’t dump the CFF table from any CFF-OpenType font. Small character set, or large, doesn’t matter. Dumping glyf table from TTFs works fine, but with OTF I get this error, no CFF table found:

Macintosh-4:~ babmo$ ttx -t CFF /Users/babmo/Downloads/source-sans-pro-2.020R-ro-1.075R-it/source-sans-pro-2.020R-ro-1.075R-it/OTF/SourceSansPro-Regular.otf 
Dumping "/Users/babmo/Downloads/source-sans-pro-2.020R-ro-1.075R-it/source-sans-pro-2.020R-ro-1.075R-it/OTF/SourceSansPro-Regular.otf" to "/Users/babmo/Downloads/source-sans-pro-2.020R-ro-1.075R-it/source-sans-pro-2.020R-ro-1.075R-it/OTF/SourceSansPro-Regular.ttx"...
No 'CFF' table found.
Macintosh-4:~ babmo$ 

To be sure, I tried to list the tables that TTX sees, and the CFF is there:

Macintosh-4:~ babmo$ ttx -l /Users/babmo/Downloads/source-sans-pro-2.020R-ro-1.075R-it/source-sans-pro-2.020R-ro-1.075R-it/OTF/SourceSansPro-Regular.otf 
Listing table info for "/Users/babmo/Downloads/source-sans-pro-2.020R-ro-1.075R-it/source-sans-pro-2.020R-ro-1.075R-it/OTF/SourceSansPro-Regular.otf":
    tag     checksum   length   offset
    ----  ----------  -------  -------
    BASE  0x651E5DBD       70   223092
    CFF   0x854D0C8E   115352    17484
    DSIG  0xFDABBF24     6424   223164
    GDEF  0x81EA867A      962   140604
    GPOS  0xF52C24A7    66070   157020
    GSUB  0x83FA8F2B    15450   141568
    OS/2  0x5DDDD7A4       96      336
    cmap  0x8C3CEC35    13918     3532
    head  0x09D57A77       54      236
    hhea  0x0A840D58       36      292
    hmtx  0x9B6B0E59     7768   132836
    maxp  0x07965000        6      328
    name  0x1C069216     3099      432
    post  0xFFB80032       32    17452

The OTMaster lists the contents of the CFF table without any trouble. Did anyone encounter something like this?

The only advise I can give is to make sure that you have the most recent version. Other than that ask in the fonttools github repository.

Just in case someone else encounters this, the solution was to to type ttx -t "CFF " /pathtofont Tables that are less than 4 characters long must include a space.

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