Turkish localisation where the Latin capital I has a dot as part of its design

I have a single case alphabet that is duplicated to the capitals. The lowercase i design has a dot above it, so this is the same in the capital i design. How do you recommend I code the Turkish localisation so idotless converts to Idotless (added as I has a dot over it) and i convert to I (which has a dot over it)?

if you follow :slight_smile:

Is your situation more complicated than what is described in the tutorial?
EDIT: Sorry, I missed the “single case” part, so maybe it is!

Create an uppercase I.loclTRK without a dot.

So just add this and it should all work?

Not convinced. How can I test in a non adobe app?

With the Test HTML Scripts in the mekkablue scripts.

Do update and compile OpenType features first though.