Turn off generating instances

Hi, I have created 2 versions of font (regular, bold) in Illustrator. I copied all signs from my regular font family to glyphs, set all presets. Everything was good and font works good. Then I decided copy from illustrator bold version. I did it and also looks good. But when I started export 2 families appeared a problems.
I have now 2 masters - regular and bold. Is there any chance to totally turn off this “instances”. I want normally export my font. Without generating any extra versions.

In general, how to turn off totally interpolation and this all tools that generating extra versions of fonts.

With multiple masters, you should be setting up individual instances (even if they match the settings of each master). If you haven’t set up any instances, you can do that in the Instances tab of the File > Font Info… (Command-I) panel. Select the + in the lower left of the Instances tab and then select Add Instance for each Master.

Once you’ve done that, then you can disable an instance by selecting it and unchecking the is active checkbox.

Some more info about Instances is in part 3 of the Multiple Masters tutorials: https://glyphsapp.com/tutorials/multiple-masters-part-3-setting-up-instances

Thanks for help but I can’t find this Add Instance for each Master

File > Font Info…
Instances tab
Plus button at lower left

and make sure that the master differ at least in one of the Weight/Width/Custom values (the number field next to the popups).