Turn off the smart glyph order by rows in G3?

Hey there.
Glyphs 3 has some sort of smart way of arranging the numbers, where each suffix gets its own row. It’s nice for a small typeface, but I have a font with MANY suffixes and double suffixes, like .osf.zero .tf.zero and each other these get their own row. It’s hard to manage and find what I need – also endless scrolling.

I tried to change the Sort Name in the glyph properties, but it’s only moving the rows up or down. If I do a custom glyphOrder, I lose the rows, which are also very HANDY!

I would like to consolidate some rows, so that all .tf numbers show together on one row (together with .tf.ss03 and .zero.tf for example)

Suggestion: Maybe a way to add custom “row breaks” in the glyphOrder parameter? Maybe then I can build my own rows. Or changing the behavior of Sort Name?

Can you send me the file?

Will do! thanks!