Tutorial Suggestions for newbies

Hey guys!
I am a newborn type freak and I’m just now trying to get a hang of Glyphs app. Do any of you have any specific tutorial sets to suggest so that I can easily get to know the program as smooth as possible? Also any advice would be more than welcome!

Thank you in advance

The Drawing Paths tutorial is a good start:

Learn all about drawing good paths in this tutorial:

You will spend most of your time in Edit View, so have a look at its tutorial next:

Glyphs gets you started with a basic set of glyphs. Read the following tutorial for tipps on adding additional glyphs to your font:

When adding glyphs, glyph names start to become important. Read all about it here:

When you draw paths, you not only draw filled outlines, but also the whitespace in between. Read the Spacing tutorial for getting that space right:

Once you have an early version of your font, you probably want to test it in other apps. Export fonts with the menu command FileExport…

Sadly, many apps and even the Mac operating system cache fonts – they keep old versions of your font even when you make changes. Read the following tutorial on circumventing those caching problems:

If you have questions along the way, feel free to ask here on the forum!

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Thank you very much! You are the best :pray: