Tutoring - London

Im looking for someone in the London area who might be interested in tutoring me on the app for a few nights.

Ive been playing with the app considerably but have hit a learning wall. While the tutorials are helpful, its hard to apply some of the information into action and learn to build a font from beginning to end. Ive also developed a pretty robust process in drawing fonts in Illustrator and keen to see how I could migrate/translate that flow into Glyphs.

Im keen to learn how to take my font design to the next level. Would love to spend a few hours just sitting with someone and learning from an expert. Absolutely willing to pay. Hit me up and name your rate.

I live in East London and willing to travel to other parts of the city after work hours. Maybe meet in cafe.


For workshops and stuff, you can keep an eye on glyphsapp.com/events.

Perhaps you want to work out a deal with one of the MATD of Typeface Design students at the University of Reading? Georg is giving an introduction there next week.

Next Friday I’ll be in London. Maybe we can meet then. I’ll have to be at the airport at 5:30 pm.

Thank you for the offer! Unfortunately it would have to be after normal daytime working hours or the weekends as I work during the day.