Two axis variable font shows all weights and styles but all are regular width

Hi There, I’ve started with a designspace file, then set needed values in Font info:
> Font > made sure there are defined Axes: Weight (wght) and Width (wdth)
> Masters > set all Names and Weight and Width values for my six masters
> Exports > set individual names, Weight and Width Class values as well as axes coordinates for all Instances.
In Glyphs (2 and 3) all works as expected, yet, when I generate a GX ttf all Compressed and Condensed styles show up the same as the normal width styles (no matter if Ai or Font Book). Does that ring a bell with anyone? I’m sure I’m missing some setting.
Grateful for any insights, Martin

This might be a cache problem or something with the axis locations. The masters need to be on a rectangular grid.

The axis locations are as you describe and cache should not interfere for I work with different names.
Anyway, I found a workaround: opening one ufo then importing the the other ufos as masters. I just need to compare the two glyph files now and see what the difference is.