Two-color layer font exporting only one layer (but 2 times!)


I’m slowly dipping into layers with a simple two-color (two-layer) ornament font.

When I export, the first layer (Top) is fine. However the second font (Bottom), while having the correct name, has the glyphs of the first layer.

The colored layers do preview correctly in the work window.

In the Font Info > Masters panel the two layers have the sidebar images correct of the /a of Top and Bottom.

In Exports, I have had some trouble. Entering info manually I now have sidebar icon showing as Os. Previously they both showed as the same /A ornament (of Top) on both layers.

When I tried to use the Exports + in the lower left, choosing “Add Instance for each Master” I got The masters need different settings for weight, width, or custom values.
I understood the online tutorial Creating a Layered Color Font | Glyphs to say that all the weight/width values should be the same.

Should there be a place in the Font Info section for adding a number value for each Master, or is it determined by the sidebar order in the Masters window?

I do have a Weight Axes showing int the first Font panel.

I have Link with First Master checked for the Bottom layer.

Any suggestions for getting the second layer to export correctly or where I might look for incorrect settings?

3.0.2 (3058)
OS 11.2.2

The coordinate settings in the Masters and instances have to match.
Multiple Masters, Part 1: Setting up Masters | Glyphs
Multiple Masters, Part 3: Setting up Instances | Glyphs

And it seems the settings need to be different.

I did have the Master and Export settings the same in my previous attempts, but they were the same for both fonts. (100 for both the Top and Bottom font, as I understood the color font tutorial.)

Changing the second Master weight to 200 and in the Export Weight class worked.

Thank you!