Two master file with plenty of different forms of some glyphs

I’m starting a project of a family of typefaces. Two masters but more than 20 different forms of many glyphs, which I’m going to split into subfamilies so .ss is not an option. I would really like to have all of the different forms in one file for the drawing and decisions stage and I appreciate any hint.
What would be the best practice to handle it?
Is A. A.1, A.2, A.3… ok?

Why not stylistic sets?

It will be more than 20 different forms of some letters. But the number of Stylistic set in Glyphs is not limited to 20 max like InDesign, right? If it isn’t it solves my problem.

If you need more than 20, use the ‘character variants’ a.cv01, a.cv02 …

Thanks, Georg, will check .cv, but I just generated A.ss23 and it works fine. For the drawing/decision stage, it’s good enough.

The semantical difference between stylistic sets and character variants is that glyphs of one particular set should share a common characteristic (something you can give a name), so a.ss01 and g.ss01 should have something in common (e.g., single-storey design), while different character variants are unrelated to each other, i.e., a.cv12 and g.cv12 have nothing in common.

Thanks, @mekkablue but as I wrote, I’m just looking for the possibilities to have more of the same glyphs in the first stage of the project, just to have an overall quick look in one file. When satisfied with the forms, I’ll split them into separate files.

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I’d recommend .cvXX then. Works for testing in InDesign CC.

Thanks, already working with .cvxx. Very useful.