Two persistent bugs

Even in Glyphs 2, I’m still seeing two bugs that have been around for a looong time.

Double-clicking on one among several glyphs in a work window sometimes activates editing mode on the glyph following the one double-clicked. This seems to happen in particular at large magnifications. Working with an italic seems to worsen the problem. Very annoying.

When ligatures are activated in a work window, they will screw up the app’s internal glyph numbering. If I press the down-arrow in text-editing mode to reach the end of my sample text, the cursor mark will not go all the way there. If I have, say, three ligatures in my sample text, the cursor will stop at the third-last character and refuse to go further upon pressing the down-arrow.

Cheers, Christian

Oh, and one more bug:

When opening the “Transformations” dialog while having a component selected, Glyphs 2 crashes.

I cant reproduce this. Can you specify?

On (3): I suppose it doesn’t always happen when you do that. I’ve seen it happen more than once, though. You probably got an automatic crash report from my machine…

(4) This is more of a feature request than a bug report, but when editing an italic, I would prefer if Shift constrained motion to the italic angle, not the vertical.

(5) Related: Ctrl-Opt nudging tends to mess up the handle angles of adjacent points if those aren’t vertical or horizontal. Unfortunately, this is usually the case when editing an italic. :frowning:

(6) It happens rather often that green curve points end up with non-collinear handles. I understand how you can’t always enforce that due to geometric conflicts of interests, but it would be nice if Glyphs marked broken curve points somehow so they can be corrected. Subtle kinks can be easy to miss.

good idea

Another bug:

(7) When I have an entry like “period (20)” in a sidebearing and I delete it, it will sometimes appear again. I have to delete it a second time for the link to actually disappear and only the number to remain.

Is that in Glyphs 1 or 2? Maybe there is a key in the layer and the glyph?