Two-sided kerning exceptions

It seems it is not possible to set two-sided kerning exceptions through the normal Glyphs UI? I just tried this by “un-locking” both glyphs in the pair but when I modify the kerning value then Glyphs generates a pair in which the second element is a group, not the individual glyph, ignoring my un-locking. Is it a glitch or am I misunderstanding the kerning concepts in Glyphs?

To have en exception, you first need to have a class kern value. After adding the exception kerning, you can remove the class kerning. This is quite inconvenient, I know. But I might just found a possible solution.

Sorry but I found it impossible to create a double-sided exception no matter how hard I try.

Have you tried this yourself? Maybe just give it a go and you will see what I mean.

Glyphs is simply refusing to create double-sided exceptions (given that both glyphs have a kerning group assigned). The kening pair exists, both locks are unlocked but Glyphs is not creating the double-sided exception.

I tried it and can confirm it.

A workaround is to remove the class on both sides, then kern the pair and add the classes again.

I will have to think about how to fix that.

Well, funnily, I did somehow manage to set a double-sided exception yesterday. Dont’t ask me how I did it, I just played around a bit more.

I also thought of that workaround, probably best done with a temporary copy of the font and then copy & paste of the kerning value (or, of course, done with a macro).

You can use a macro or just copy paste the kerning from the kerning panel.

I noticed yesterday, that it is still not possible to do doublesided exceptions in G2, latest build. What would be a workaround ?

fixed that yesterday

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