Typeface serifs not printing correctly?

After exporting my font as an OTF, creating an InDesign file, and exporting it as PDF, some of my letters are not printing correctly.

This problem began when i started mounding my serifs. I have corrected path directions, simplified paths, and added extrema points. Still, the problem persists with (some, but not all) printers.

How can I ensure my typeface works across all printers?
Here is some images of the common problem areas and letters. This issue occurs most with the "Uu, Vv, Ww, Xx, Yy, I, j, Kk, L. Ive also attached images of my paths for reference.

Have you tried printing directly from Indesign instead of from a PDF?

Are you using a grid different from 1/1? Some printer drivers are not compatible with a finer CFF grid. That would explain the dent at the bottom of the U. I would be interested to hear which driver/printer combo you are using. Can you try disabling subroutines, and see if that fixes the U?

The alignment zones are wrong. Baseline zone needs to start at zero, and you have no cap zone.

I think it has to do with the alignment zones and printer applying hints. Try moving the zones a bit and see what happens.