UFO Color Marks not exported

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nothing much else to say

v 789

Are you sure? It works for me. Where did you try to import the .ufo?

I opened it in Robofont, no colours, colours are there in Glyphs that’s fine but I need them in RF:

Looks like you are missing:


That is because it is a private key. Glyphs exports it as:


In Robofont, you could write a script that reads com.schriftgestaltung.Glyphs.ColorIndex and imports it into a Robofont mark color.

This is code that transposes the Glyphs color marks into Robofont mark colors:

for g in CurrentFont().glyphs:
        colorString = g.lib['public.markColor']
        if colorString:
            rgbaValueList = [float(x) for x in colorString.split(",")]
            g.mark = rgbaValueList
            print "%s: No proper public.markColor set." % g.name
        print "%s: No color found." % g.name
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Thank you for your help!