UFO Export and feature compiling

Hey Guys,

I exported a UFO from Glyphs Version 2.2.1 (819) with Production Names enabled and opened this file in Glyphs, but now the OT feature code has glyph name hickups. It is also not possible to generate an OT file from it (in Glyphs or Robofont) since the code is not compiling anymore. Updating the generated feature code by pressing the button on the bottom of the Feature window in Glyphs could solve the problem (and maybe cause some new ones?), but wouldn’t it be nice if the exported UFOs would be working just like their Glyphs brothers?

Best wishes

can you send me the original .glyphs file?

Thanks for the quick support, Georg!

It also looks like Glyphs is dropping zero-width blue zones, do you know why?

Zero width blue values are not particular useful if not invalid. I fixed it nevertheless.