UFO export: color tags not removed on export

  1. Open some UFO
  2. Assign some color tag to a glyph
  3. Save
  4. Remove color tag again
  5. Save and close
  6. Reopen file

The color tag is there again. A change of color is correctly saved, just not the removal of color. This (also) lead to error messages about changed file content when I saved a file to my Dropbox folder, probably because the file content on disk and in memory differed and the synchronization triggered something in Glyphs.

Side note: exporting to UFO seems to always set font info fields like the Postscript name and style map. Is this intentional? I’m co-working with Trufont and it doesn’t set these fields. A bit annoying because I have to scrub the Glyph-exported UFO file for version control…

Edit: v2.4.1.

Can you try the latest cutting edge version?

No change.

I have fixed it. Thanks for reporting this.