UFO export error when fsType = Installable

When I add Custom Parameter fsType and leave its value at the default Installable, then try to export to UFO, I get the following error:

The resulting UFO is missing both the the lib.plist and fontinfo.plist files.

Values other than Installable seem to work OK.

Alternatively, if I add openTypeOS2Type and leave its value as Installable, the UFO export works.

I’m using Glyphs Version 2.4.2 (1038)


The problem happens if I add either fstype or openTypeOS2Type keys – but only when I leave the default value untouched.

However, if I click the value and then click OK in the resulting dialog, then the error doesn’t happen.

Sounds like an uninitialized value somewhere.

True. Thanks for reporting.

As of 2.5b (1066) this still causes a crash.