UFO export: FEA code in wrong order and won't compile

Hi George. using v2.​3b (8​82):

The features.fea file exported to UFO is invalid: Standalone lookups are emitted at the top of the file before the named class (#automatic @class) definitions, but those lookups refer to some of the named classes and Adobe requires that named classes be defined before they are used.

Fontforge, for example, can’t open the resulting UFO.


# Prefix: Standalone lookups
# End of Ayah digits
lookup digit_small {
  sub @Digits by @Digits.small;
} digit_small;

# Prefix: Languagesystems
# automatic
languagesystem DFLT dflt;
languagesystem arab dflt;
languagesystem latn dflt;

# automatic

@Digits.small = [ zero.alt one.alt two.alt three.alt four.alt five.alt six.alt seven.alt eight.alt nine.alt uni0660.alt uni0661.alt uni0662.alt uni0663.alt uni0664.alt uni0665.alt uni0666.alt uni0667.alt uni0668.alt uni0669.alt ];

@Digits = [ zero one two three four five six seven eight nine uni0660 uni0661 uni0662 uni0663 uni0664 uni0665 uni0666 uni0667 uni0668 uni0669 ];


Has anyone confirmed this? Or is there something we’re doing wrong?
Appreciate any suggestions…

I fixed this.