.UFO import issue

Hello everybody,

I’ve tried to import in the latest Glyph version a .designspace file exported with fontlabVI, and the .glyph file doesn’t inherit any name settings and it duplicates me a lot of classes.

i’ve exported a .UFO file as well and messed up with opentype code and when i try to generate an OTF file from Glyph Make OTF report me “Error: “syntax error at “uni2460” [features.fea 69” nela classe FIG_CIRCULAR alla linea: 1”

anybody knows what’s going on?

thank for any advice you can give me.

Could you send me that .designspace file?

thank you very much for your interest. i really appreciate it.
I’m sorry but i’m new here, how do i send you the file?

You can send a dropbox link as a direct message or send the file per mail to support at this domain.

Thanks for the files. I fixed this.

thanks a lot! you are incredibly fast.
Maybe i cannot understand the answer but i’m curious by nature, where was the problem?

the update it’s already available?