UFO one file instead of individual files

I’ve been trying to collaborate with Igino Marini, of iKern, but he’s saying the way that Glyphs exports UFO files is incorrect. I don’t have any experience outside of glyphs, so I can only go off what he says, which is: “a UFO font is a set of a multitude of files (every glyph has its own file) all inside a folder”.

Thoughts on this?

That is what Glyphs exports:

That’s not what I get when I export. I just get a file named FontName-Weight.ufo.

Here’s an example:

Oh, shoot. This is a mac/pc thing I think. I just “showed package contents” and it looks like that. I’ll pull it out and zip it up. Thanks for the help, mekkablue.

Technically, that is the name of the directory. Zip the whole .ufo, not just some of its contents.