UFOStrecht-friendly UFOs?

Hi there,

What is the best way to generate UFOStrecht-friendly UFOs from Glyphs. To have my UFOs acccepted by UFOStrecht I had to open then in FL 5 and generate the UFOs with Tal Leming’s UFO Central script.

Is there a simpler way?


You’ll most likely need to output UFO2 files, Glyphs is currently outputting UFO3.

Open your Macro Panel and enter this string:
Font.userData["UFOFormat"] = 2

Press Return, and voila you’ll be able to export older UFOs.


Thanks for the hint! I assume then that if I want Glyphs to come back to UFO3 format I must input:

Font.userData["UFOFormat"] = 3


Sounds right. :slight_smile:

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The setting is per font. So you don’t need to reset it until you need that particular font to be ufo3.
And I would remove the key altogether instead if setting it to “3”.

Font.userData["UFOFormat"] = None