Unable to edit Alignment Zones with multiple Masters selected

I am editing metrics for multiple masters. I generated (using the little refresh icon) default Alignment Zone values and wanted to edit these (still with my masters selected), however once generated they disappeared from view. With a single master selected, they appear, and can be edited, but once more than one master is selected they disappear.

Glyphs, Version 2.5.2 (1171)
MacOS Mojave, Version 10.14 (18A391)

Is this a bug, or just a feature that doesn’t yet exist? Thanks!


Displaying multiple complex entries is difficult. Are you sure they are exactly the same? Automatic generation makes some measurements in your outlines and calculates values from that. And thus they could very well be different.

Ah I see what’s happening. I do have the same vertical metrics across all my masters, so once generated, the Alignment values were all the same (and actually did display as expected, with all masters selected). However it is currently not possible (at least within my setup here) to select multiple masters and make a change within the Alignment Zone box that updates all selected masters. It simply makes the change to one master (presumably the first one selected), which then results in a mis-match, which leaves the box blank.

It’d be great if the Alignment Zones box’s lines behaved a little more like the text boxes (I understand it’s probably different from a MacOS app-y development-y point of view), in that when one line of information had a mis-match, it displayed the “Multiple Values” text in grey. Whereas at the moment the whole box goes blank, even if just one line has a mis-match.

Hope that makes sense?

In summary:
– Not possible to make changes to the Alignment Zones across multiple selected masters (even if information is the same to begin with). Be handy if it was.
– Alignment Zone box information is only visible, with multiple masters selected, if ALL lines within the box are identical. It’d be nice to have this calculated line-by-line.


This is a known problem with the current setup. That will be fixed in the next version, as it needed a bigger rewrite.


Amazing. Thanks Georg!