Unable to export and what does this mean…

Get this error message:
“Error: “invalid first character in name (text was “.null”)” in Feature kern in line: 4”

I have no idea where to start fixing this.
All I’m doing is opening up my own .ttf files and save them as .glyphsfiles and then trying to export…

Will be super grateful for any pointers in the right direction:-)

Hans g

Do you have a glyph called “.null”? Remove it from your font. It is most certainly not needed. But please send me the file before you remove it for testing.

Hey Georg!
Thank you for the quick reply, saved my sleep:-)
I also deleted .notdef as well as the .null glyph.

I’ve been a long time Fotographer user and just now diving into the Glyphs app. First off converting all my fonts from ttf.

This was a first great start using the forum:-)

Cheers from Norway

Hans g the Fontourist(.com)

Screenshot 2020-12-01 at 22.06.48

The .notdef is the only one from the first four in the screenshot you need. But Glyphs will add one for you if it is missing. So delete the “CR” and “DEL”, too.

Hehe, of course:-) Well I pasted back in the .notdef and got rid of the others!
Cheers and go to sleep now:-)

Hans g