Unable to open file, and question about Masters / Instances / weights

Hi, I’m having trouble opening a file that I worked on the previous evening. The preview in Finder doesn’t work, and opening the file with glyph only shows the message : « The document could not be opened. » Fortunately I have a back-up of the previous version, but I’m a bit sad to have lost my work of yesterday evening. Is there anything that could be done? (Note, I updated to the latest version yesterday, so I hope it’s not related to this, I’m on Lion.)

Also, I’m not very clear on the Masters / Instances system, and how to create new weights. I’ve looked in the help, but it explains how to do things, assuming that we already know what Masters and Instances are and what they are used for.

I created a bold and a regular, and wanted to add a Heavy weight to my font. The two previous weights, I added them in the Masters tab. But when I wanted to add a new master for Heavy, I realised that you can only add masters for Light, regular, and Bold. So I turned to the Instances tab, and there I could add a Heavy weight, but it doesn’t look like it’s creating a new weight, but interpolating it. I managed to use « create instances » to output the Heavy weight, but it’s still not doing what I want, as if I import it into the Masters, I cannot define it as Heavy… just bold, regular or light.

What I want is to be able to work on the multiple weights within the same file, having all of them called the right name (light, Bold, Heavy…), and not only be limited to light, regular and bold. I’m sure there’s a way, but I just can’t figure it out. Could you explain me what the right process should be to achieve this the right way?

Thanks for your help, and thank you, again, for creating Glyphs. It opened my eyes on how much I love designing a font.

I fixed you file [removed the file]. Update Glyphs to 1.1.8.

The masters are not meant to store individual instances of a font.

You use masters for interpolation. So you will have a light and a heavy master and the intermediate styles are then interpolated. This saves a lot work and fits well to your design.

Thanks for the fix, really appreciated (downloaded, you can remove it from your dropbox)
So does that mean that if I each weight or italic should be a separate glyph file if I don’t want to use interpolation?

Yes. Only use more then one master, if you what to interpolate.

Is Glyphs 1.1.8 available on the app store? It doesn’t show any new version available yet.

The App Store and the download version are not perfectly in sync. There were some bugs that only effected the non App Store version.