Unable to round coordinates with round corners


When I draw a letter (let’s say a C for exemple) the points are on rounded coordinates.
Then I apply the filter round corners to the terminals*, the last bit of the path is not a point, it’s a curve, and so it becomes impossible to set the right spacing* to a rounded value.

What am I doing wrong ?

  • I’m french, sorry if some technical words are not the most appropriate.

If you want rounded sidebearing values, you will have to make sure you have extremum points. But in these cases, you can also ask yourself if it make sense to have rounded values for sidebearings. There is no added value to that.

Or, if all corners are supposed to be rounded the same, you can also apply the round corner filter with a custom parameter at export time.

Thanks for this valuable input.
I thought having integer side bearing values was important ! If it’s not, I’m happy like that.

I can’t manage to add extrmum points without altering the shapes, obviously I don’t want that.

Custom parameter at export time ?
That’s waaaay over my head !

What is stored in the font file is the advance width.

Thank you.