Unable to to test OpenType features

Hi there. I can’t seem to test the OpenType feature for my font. I have gone through other suggestions on this topic and ticked ‘compile’ button to activate it but still no luck.

I have no idea what Im doing wrong. Thanks for the help!

Im getting ‘There is a problem with this font’

When you click on Details, what happens?

It’s asking me to open a file in my test folder

Try finding the Temp folder of your project and double click the generate command in there. See this tutorial for details:

Thank you, the only error could pick up is a ‘Bad CPU type in executable’

The error message is Bad CPU Type. Which Mac and which system are you running this on?

For now, try redownloading Glyphs 2 and updating it again via Preferences > Updates.

Thank you, the updates sorted this problem out!

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Just for reference: the Bad CPU type in executable error in this case comes from a 32-bit application being run in macOS 10.15 (Catalina), which no longer runs 32-bit applications.

As you found, @AnnieC, Glyphs 2.6.2 and beyond work for macOS 10.15.