Undo Crashes Glyphs

Glyphs crashes almost always when I do several undos.
More than 5 will most times crash it. Occasionally Glyphs is even unable to undo.

This happens constantly over the day, and it’s a loss of time.

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Do you use any filters? There should be on operation that you do that triggers it. Cans you do a screencast that shows what you did before the crash?

I’m not able to replicate the crash anymore. I think it happened when I did a lot of cutting and pasting but specially when using the Transformations to interpolate with the background. It’s hasn’t happen anymore, and I use the same filters and plugins. Thanks!

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is there any update on this issue?!
Glyphs still crashes on undo randomly and been doing this for so long now

its very VERY frustrating
running Version 2.6.5 (1300) on OS 10.15.3

This is very frustrating, I know. I need to be able to reproduce this but as it seems random this is difficult. If you can narrow it down to what you are doing it would help a lot. I suspect it has to do with python scripts, but that is only a hunch.

Not sure if that’s related, but I’m working on a script that does stuff to multiple copies of a layer before putting back all the output into the foreground. Glyphs crashes frequently when I try to undo after running the script. That might just be me messing stuff up with my code though.

That is most likely caused by the script. Keeping the undo history intact is difficult.