Undo error after dragging

an issue that appears now and then is a window that tells me that undo doesn’t work with the current glyph.
As far as I noticed it happens after dragging nodes, segments and also components.
I’m using a Wacom Intuos tablet, the current glyphs version is 1200.



That is mostly a problem with the Wacom driver. It doesn’t post the mouse events in the right order and sometimes misses some altogether. That confuses Glyphs. I have a small Bamboo but that has a different driver than the big ones. If I have some free time, I should borrow a big Wacom to test this.

Hello Georg,
thanks for your information. It seemed to me that it had sth to do with the tablet.

I’m getting this issue and i’m just using the track pad on an mbp 2017

Can you reproduce it?

Maybe related. If I select everything in the background layer, delete it, copy the foreground, paste it into the background and then undo everything, the background layer doesn’t restore what was deleted.

@Bendy that works for me. There needs to be another step that causing this.

It happens quite often but I’m unable to retrace exactly why. I’ll see if I can run a long screen recording.

Do you use scripts or plugins to modify the glyphs?