Undo Problem – segment deleting

Hi, when I edit a path using pen tool to break points and further delete a segment, the path reconnects when I click to select the segment. When I press Cmd+Z to undo I get an error.

Are you using an Apple Magic Mouse or a Wacom tablet? Chances are that you are actually moving the point a little bit when selecting it, and thus reconnect it again.

For deleting a segment (and breaking open the path at the same time), simply select it with the Select tool (V) and press Opt-Delete.

Can you reproduce it? Could you make a screencast?

I have the reproduced problem mov file - where can I send it to? (Can’t upload here :frowning:)

I am not using Wacom nor the magic mouse - just my touchpad and I am rather certain that the problem occurs without moving nodes -

I’ll use the opt-delete thing for now :wink: thx!

send if by email to support at this domain

sent :wink:

I got it. I can reproduce this.

Thanks you so much for this report. I could find and fix a very old undo bug. I’ll buy you a beer.

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Sure thing! Cheers :wink: