Undo/Redo slows down after use (fast at first)

I’ve noticed that the undo/redo commands slow down or lag to respond after I’ve used the command a few times (maybe after 40-50 or so uses?) in a file. I find the only thing that has helped is to quit and re-open Glyphs and then those commands will speed back up for a bit and be very responsive… but then the process of slowing down starts again.

Bit of a hassle to quit each time, any options?

Using 2.5.1 (1135).


Do you mean that whole app is slowing down or just that the undo command takes longer?

Can you do a screencast of what you are doing? I need to find a way to reproduce this somehow.

Seems to be just the undo/redo commands that take longer (not the whole app).

Will try to screencast it…

Here’s the screencast… this is a quick new glyph I added to a file I’ve been working in for a while.

undo_lag.mov.zip (1.1 MB)

Can you do a longer screencast that I see what you did from the start? You seem to use some commands that cause this.

I find undo/redo very, very slow and laggy.

I experience the same behaviour. Slow undo/redo after a while. Restarting Glyphs fixes the issue for some time.
I can’t determine when or why it happens though :confused:

I did see that on many users machines (I’m teaching workshop right now). But I never saw it on my machine. It only happens after a few hours and I usually restart Glyphs more often because I change something in the code even when I try just to work on some fonts.

So it means the whole undo stack is preserved for each run of Glyphs? Maybe it could be user-limited…Adobe apps allow you to set the number of undo items.

I today got very promising feedback for a user about what could cause this. We will try to verify that tomorrow.

It has nothing to do with the size of the undo stack, there is some system thing that makes Glyphs wait. I checked already, during the waiting periods, Glyphs isn’t doing a lot.


I didn’t consider it could possibly be a time elapse thing, but my lag seems to start to show up after doing a certain amount of undo/redo commands. Will be curious what the feedback might reveal. Thanks for looking into it Georg.

…just curious if maybe any update? Thanks.

I know this topic is being cared of but i have something else :slight_smile:

Adding to the “undo problem” list there are severe problems with undo in the latest beta. After basic operations like moving nodes, nodes with attached corner components, straight or curved segments, handles etc. the undo operation becomes corrupted to the point that it deletes some parts of the paths (probably the ones i was just modifying) beyond recovery.

As with all of our favourite bugs this one happens randomly, there’s no indication that something will go wrong.
Usually happens to me when i feel like i’m pressing cmd+z very fast as if i had the tightest deadline ever i just need that last action to undo at the speed of light… Godspeed :wink: