Uneven Guide Lines in Font Design

Hi, I’m having this line problem with my guided script font. This occurs in Illustrator and Word. We tried printing it and the line problem still shows.

What can I do to correct this?

Have you checked the position and path direction of all of those lines?

Yes, all path directions were corrected and the Y position are the same.

And did you export with or without hinting?

Can you send me the file?

I tried exporting with and without hinting. I always get the same result. Here’s the file. Please have a look at this. Thank you

  1. you had all kind of hints but none at the top and bottom lines. Adding those, will improve the rendering quite a bit.
  2. there are a lot small issues with your outlines. Most of them are marked with a red dot. Clean that up.
    This left is how it was, and the right is how it should be (you can use the Fit Curve panel to quickly fix those overlapping handles).

Thanks, but how will I add hints at the top and bottom?

Hinting: Manual PostScript Hinting | Glyphs

Thank you. Problem solved.