Unicode and advance width mess-up on TrueType export

Today, I experienced something funny:

After exporting a font as TrueType, the Unicode values and advance widths were shifted by one glyph. For example, the e has the Unicode value and the advance width of the f.

Is this a bug in Glyphs or something specific to my file?

How did you test the font?

I opened it in FontLab.

As it turns out, this problem can be avoided by unchecking production glyph names (which, btw, is greyed out when selecting TT export).

Can you update glyph info for one glyph before you export?

If that does not help, could you send me the .glyphs file?

I should have mentioned that this font was (almost) straight from FL, exported as .glyphs file.

Did a bit of research in the source code of the file.

It seems like something was wrong with the instance in the font. Removed the instance, now the font exports fine as TTF.

This happens from time to time if the source file is not properly sorted. If you update the glyph info for one glyph, it will sort the hole font and fix the problem.

That strategy didn’t work for me, though.