Unicode Arabic

There’s a Unicode code missing in Glyphs info for glyph name: AlefWasla-ar.fina.
According to UnicodeChecker, Alef Wasla final form should be: U+FB51.

I have problems with glyph substitution (“rlig” feature) to access:

I wonder if the unicode missing number affects this glyph subtitution.

Thanks for your help.

The unicode number is not missing. Glyphs will recognize the unicode, but will not assign it to new glyphs. The unicode is not needed and so I decided to to use them.

And the ligatures work just fine without them. How did you test it?


I’m using Glyphs 1.3.15 (413) on 10.6.8
The glyph alefWasla-ar.fina does not have unicode assigned in Glyphs. I have already it designed (both isolated and final glyphs). They are included in the font window but while alefWasla-ar has a unicode number assigned by Glyphs (0671) at the info area (bottom left side of the glyph window), alefWasla-ar.fina does not.

Even, when I generate the font with ligature, I cannot access both ligatures:
(using InDesign CS5)

The “features” buttom" does not apply for Arabic.

Thanks for your help,


I’ve just downloaded test version 1.3.17 (429) and noticed that features buttom does work fine for all “rlig” features.
So, now: “lam_alefWasla-ar” and “lam_alefWasla-ar.fina” work in glyphs preview/chart window. But does not work in InDesign CS5
All the rest of lam-alef ligatures seem to work fine.
Any idea?


It works for me. The ligatures with alefWasla are not included in the rlig feature by default so this might be the problem. Did you add it manually?

Yes, I added it manually. This is how my “rlig” feature looks like right now:

lookupflag IgnoreMarks RightToLeft;
sub lam-ar.init alef-ar.fina by lam_alef-ar;
sub lam-ar.init alefHamzaabove-ar.fina by lam_alefHamzaabove-ar;
sub lam-ar.init alefMadda-ar.fina by lam_alefMadda-ar;
sub lam-ar.init alefWasla-ar.fina by lam_alefWasla-ar;
sub lam-ar.init alefhamzabelow-ar.fina by lam_alefHamzabelow-ar;
sub lam-ar.medi alef-ar.fina by lam_alef-ar.fina;
sub lam-ar.medi alefHamzaabove-ar.fina by lam_alefHamzaabove-ar.fina;
sub lam-ar.medi alefMadda-ar.fina by lam_alefMadda-ar.fina;
sub lam-ar.medi alefWasla-ar.fina by lam_alefWasla-ar.fina;
sub lam-ar.medi alefhamzabelow-ar.fina by lam_alefHamzabelow-ar.fina;

Licensed Glyphs 1.3.15 (413) : features preview don’t work at all
Downloaded test version 1.3.17 (429): features preview work, but when I generate the font, the ligature does not apply.

can you send me the .glyphs file?

I have already sent it at your personal email. Hope you got it!