Unicode assignments in u10EXXX range

I’m having trouble assigning unicodes to my glyphs for the range u10EXXX. I have an icon font that I maintain and I recently changed all of the Unicode assignments using an older version of Glyphs Mini into the Private Use Area. I recently upgraded to Glyphs Mini 2 and I’ve added two new icons to the font, but when I type “u10E090” for the glyph name, for instance, the Unicode does not get assigned and doesn’t populate at all. There is nothing in the font window to unlock the Unicode assignments as in previous versions. I can’t remember if there was as shortcut or some other name I should give the glyph to create the correct assignment. Can anyone help? Is the address I’m using not valid or is there something wrong with the automatic Unicode assignment in Glyphs Mini 2 based on the glyph name?

Any help would be appreciated.

This planes Unicodes are not handlend correctly in Glyphs Mini. It is fixed in the latest cutting edge version of Glyphs and there will be an update to Glyphs Mini, too.

But there are plenty of PUA codes in the lower planes. Even in the first one. Why do you need that specific codes?

I created an icon font and some of the original Unicode assignments mapped to emojis, which were appearing on our website on some mobile devices before our icon font had finished loading. We moved up to the higher private Unicode assignments so there would be no overlap causing emojis to pop up. I had done the reassignments of about 140 glyphs using Glyphs Mini 1.2, and I can’t seem to do it in the latest version of Glyphs Mini 1.2.7 or version 2. Was it working in the past and it became broken somehow? I’m not sure how I was able to reassign all the glyphs before without an issue.

I understand why you would use Private Use Area codes. But why use the most remote range. There are plenty in the Basic range from 0xE000 to 0xF8FF. That are 6399 codes.

I’ll temporarily assign uniXXXX codes outside the emoji range to my two new icons to resolve the problem until the fix comes. Any estimated date for when the fix will reach Glyphs Mini 2?

There is not emoji range in basic plain. 0xE000–0xF8FF are just normal PUA as the 0x10EXXX. Just with smaller file size and better compatibility.