Unicode missing when renaming glyphs?

I have used the custom parameter “rename glyphs” several times and I never noticed this problem, so I m not sure if this is something that is happening because I m doing something wrong/different or it is an actual problem in the app

I am designing a dollar and I have done a dollar.bold for heavier versions with a different middle bar. I have used the “remove glyphs” & “rename glyphs” custom parameters in the appropiate instances. The glyphs are correctly substituted but the new glyphs do not get the unicode value. If I give the unicode value to dollar.bold before generating the instances I cannot export the font because I have two glyphs with same unicode

How can I solve this using custom parameters? (I know you can do the brackets thing, but I like much more the custom parameters method)

Thank you very much

You don’t need the ‘Remove Glyphs’ parameter. Set the ‘dollar.bold’ to not export will be enough. That might not solve the unicode problem. If not, could you send me the .glyphs file?

it did, excellent!
Thanks George

Using Version 2.5.2 (1176) and ({“Rename Glyphs” = ( “zero.tf=zero” ); }) plus ({ “Update Features” = 1;}) but the new /zero does not get the unicode
(and the GlyphData.xml by @TimAhrens)
any ideas?

It works for me. Can you send me the file?

send the file to support@
thanks in advance!

The problem is that you have two Rename Glyphs parameters. After the first, the unicode is gone. Just put all substitutions in one CP.

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thanks, that helped