Unicode naming help

I have created a glyph font for our software and have created custom Unicode names and the font doesn’t work. I have tried creating some of the glyphs as ‘U10001’ or ‘uni10001’ and they still do not work.

Can someone help me fix this so I can generate my font? Happy to share the file.


Unicode values must be hexadecimal, so they cannot contain a U. Please read these:

I recommend renaming add_outline to addOutline.

I added value validation to the unicode field in the font view so that this should not happen again.

I have renamed the unicodes several different ways.
I have rewritten my HTML/CSS multiple times.

But I am still getting glyphs not showing up correctly. Please help!!

The Unicode is Hexadecimal. That means it only can contain numbers and letter from A to F.

Ahhhhh got it! Thanks, George.
I feel really dumb now haha.

Maybe I am just doing this wrong but I have attempted to rename all of the glyphs I have to unicodes that are not in use “F100 - F286” and they do not work. I honestly do not know what I am doing wrong, exactly. I tried renaming them to be “00A1” “00F1” etc. and then I realized that some of them weren’t my glyphs but they were defaulting to another font.

I am trying to keep the unicodes very similar and follow a ordered naming convention. Can you help me?

Can you get the normal glyphs to work? Maybe there is something else wrong, maybe the web font has a problem?

Some of them work but I don’t want a random unicode in the midst of a bunch of uniform ones.

How do you know they are not working? How are you testing?

I had written the html/css for using them. I have left this solution and went on to Icomoon. Thanks.