Units per EM changed to 600 to incorporate a wider typeface - maybe an error?


I have made a typeface that started at 1000 units per em but I decided to make it more wide so shrunk everything down to 550 ascender height and then changed the units per em to 600. so everything looks good but now I am worried does this mean that 8pts will actually 5 pts etc in indesign/adobe? Have I accidentally shrunk my entire typeface relative to points if that makes sense?

is there anyway of making everything larger again without having to do it individually ?

thanks !

You can scale it up again by clicking on the diagonally opposed arrow icon next to the UPM field. Enter 1000 as your new UPM and Glyphs will scale up your glyphs accordingly.

But no worries, you haven’t scaled it down relative to points. You’ve just lost some degree of precision.

No. Everything is fine. 600u is the new em (=the font size the user enters).