Unknown Error has occurred

Hello! When I try to export a font, a message appears saying an unknown error has occurred. The metrics may be off, but it never prevented me in the old Glyphs and G Mini from running a test export to check if other parts work. What exactly can be a reason for that?

That most likely is fixed in the version we are about to release.

Thank you! I hope the patch does fix this, it seems currently there is literally no way to scoop a finished font out of the programme.

Make sure you try the upcoming beta build. You have cutting edge versions enabled, right?

That should be fixed in the released version.

The problem is that you have TrueType and the overlap removal is not supported, yet. I would recommend to convert the outlines to Cubic (Path > Other > Convert to Cubic).

Hello, @GeorgSeifert
Can You tell us, when will the new version be released?
Thank You!

The version is already out since yesterday.

Generally, we cannot predict exact dates for stable releases. If you need a certain fix quicker, turn on betas please: Go to Glyphs > Preferences > Updates, activate both checkboxes and press the Update button.

You will have to be more careful about your data (employ a backup strategy, if you do not have one already), but beta updates are much more frequently.

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