Unknown glyph 'uni0431.loclSRB' Found in: prefix 'Prefix', line 227

Hey guys, Any idea what this is? I’m trying to export a compiled font of NOTO languages, I have already had to delete or disable multiple glyphs in CJK and Arabic, remove overlaps etc. Currently left with 49,000 characters… Now I have this message as well. Any help much appreciated

You need to check the code in Font Info > Features. The code is most likely out of date.

The code is from the original NOTO source files on Github - Is there an easy way to update the code?

Did you open the .otf or the .glyphs file?

Depending on how much you changed you either edit the code manually or you remove it and let Glyphs regenerate the features by pressing the Update button.

ah gotcha! they’re all OTF files link: https://github.com/googlefonts/noto-fonts/tree/master/unhinted/otf

So if i just disable the features code and allow glyphs to sort it should be fine.

I’m basically taking multiple languages from these GITHUB files and merging them into one file

now getting this as well: There was a problem converting to CFF. (Bold)

Can you send me the .glyphs file?

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Hi Georg, how can I do this? The file size is 155MB as it has 68,000 glyphs

I have gotten around some of the issue but removing export on all .locl glyphs (17,000 of them)

How many glyph do you have in the font? If you are building a Chinese font, you might need to try a CID keyed font.

Literally this many for just bold. It needs to go into a product that will be sold globally - this is just a test phase

Georg if you have a direct email I can we-transfer the file to you

Dropbox uploaded :smiley: