Unknown Token "Id" on Line 202


Just ran into a problem with a file (saved in Glyphs build 3221) that I’ve been working on today and all of a sudden I can’t re-open the file with the error “Unknown token “id” on line: 202”. I have a second file as well that all of a sudden is suffering from the same problem but with a slightly different error.

Hoping someone can help me figure out what’s happening and how to fix.

B0rked files are here

You added a “Color Palette” parameter and that was not saved to the file properly. I removed it and now the files opens again.

You can try to fix the file yourself. The error message tries to point you to the problem: “on line: 202”. Open the .glyphs file in a text editor and go to line 202. If you can figure it out, you’ll realize that there is a closing parenthesis but the opening is missing.

If that happens again, you need to tell me how you added that parameter.

this fixed files: symbols gs.zip (83.2 KB)

Georg, you’re a superstar! Thank you :slight_smile: