Unlock tooltip missing

I’ve noticed, for some reason, that the tooltip for “unlock image” no longer shows up in my install of Glyphs. I’m able to lock images no problem, but no matter where I click the unlock isn’t there anymore. I’ve resorted to unlocking images using a script.

I am using 2.4.2 (1060).

Is anyone else seeing this?

[1060] here, it is working for me.

That is strange. There is a forum thread about the same problem with guidelines.

Perhaps a plugin conflict? I only have four activated on a consistent basis:
Angled Handles
Coordinates of Selected Nodes
Orange Background
Stem Thickness

It seems to be somewhat inconsistent. I tried making a demo variant for you, and it suddenly was working fine. Now, my main file is working again :confused:.

Same problem here. I’ve resorted to copying the outline, deleting the glyph entirely and then pasting the outline back in. Any ideas?

The other user had accidentally emswitched to the ‘All layer selection’ tool. That has an bug to not be able to enable looked items. Switch back to the regular select tool and it will work.