Unnecessary encodings in name and cmap tables?

Glyphs currently generates name tables in the Mac/Roman and Windows/UCS-2 encodings, and cmap tables for the Unicode/UCS-2, Mac/Roman, and Windows/UCS-2 encodings. Are these actually all still necessary? Where? In my experience, text rendering on recent macOS and iOS versions works fine with just Windows/UCS-2.

(The encodings above are for a font that only uses code points in the basic multilingual plane – a font that provides glyphs for supplementary code points would of course need Windows/UCS-4).

The CMAP table is written by makeOTF. I already changed that for the next version.

For he name table, some Mac entries are still required in some cases. I’ll look into it to remove the unneeded ones.

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Testing with build 1122, I see that the cmap table for Mac/Roman is gone, but the cmap table for Unicode/UCS-2 table and the name table entries for Mac/Roman are still generated. Are they still needed?

There was some discussion about the mac name table. There are some old apps that needed some of them, the last time I checked. I’m reworking the name table generation for the next version, I will do the changes then. About the unicode cmap, the overhead is very small, the actual table is reused. But you are right, it is probably not needed.