Unpredictably result on TrueType-Export

In association with my yesterday’s topic here is an example.

These shapes (all the same) on UPM 1000

are converted wrong and different when exporting as TTF with scale to 2000 custom parameter

Something similar happens when (small) circles are exported. When using the change to…-command, everything is ok. if I remember correctly, I read in one topic, that on TTF-export another algorithm is used than when changing paths inside the app. But it shouldn’t work as unpredictably.

That can’t be avoided when converting to TrueType curves. You can try to use a bigger “TrueType Curve Error” in Font > Custom Parameters: 0.6 is the default, so experiment with bigger values like 1 or 1.5.

Works, but not as expected. Values 1,3 and above changes the shape to a kind of circle. Values below 1,3 doesn’t change the shape at all. Nevertheless good to know