Unrecognised UTF-8 metrics file


I have two identical metrics files. One generated by Glyphs and one generated by Filemaker.

They look identical in Textedit, the Finder says they are of the same kind (though the Filemaker file is twice the size in bytes) but Glyphs gives an error when importing the Filemaker file.

What’s going wrong? Glyphs says something about UTF-8, though I’m positive that the Filemaker export is UTF-8 as well.

Attached are the two files.

Thanks for any help.

metrics.zip (2.0 KB)

Sorry, I was a bit too quick. I just found out that Filemaker exports UTF-16 and there appears to be no easy fix.

The other way round then: is there a way to make Glyphs accept UTF-16?

That sounds like it is UTF-16.

Update: synchronous post, saw yours a split second too late, sorry. You can open the UTF-16 in a text editor (TextMate, TextWrangler, etc.) and save it as UTF-8.

Ha Thanks! It’s a few extra steps but worth the trouble.

If you need this often, consider an Automator action you can put in your Finder context menu.

I fixed this.

great, thanks! looking forward to this.

the latest cutting edge version should be able to read UTF16 files.

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