Unsynced metrics not updating correctly

Hello, I noticed that, in a specific case, the recognition of unsynced metrics doesn’t update correctly.

I have numerous glyphs where my metrics keys are out of sync, but they don’t have a warning triangle and don’t show up in the smart filter.


Even after closing and re-opening the file, the glyphs in question don’t change.

Some details, in case this is important: I had the metrics key set to de-cy before having drawn it (so the metrics were correctly synced in other glyphs as 0). I drew my outlines in de-cy and thus now have metrics set, meaning that the metrics keys are, of course, out of sync now. However, they don’t show up in the smart filter. Layer.metricsKeysOutOfSync() also returns 0, meaning that they are considered in sync.

Can you send me the file?

I’m afraid I updated the metrics on all glyphs in question. I’ll try and recreate this case, but I think the following should work:

  1. Create an empty glyph (emptyGlyph
  2. Set a metrics key in differentGlyph set to emptyGlyph
  3. Draw outlines in emptyGlyph

Then the metrics keys in differentGlyph will show up red, but Glyphs will not recognise the layers as having out-of-sync metrics.

Found the problem and fixed it.

The problem occurs when the glyph with the metrics key has a “zero” sidebearing.