Unused kerning group are deleted

I noticed that kerning groups that are not used in standard kerning are being deleted upon export, regardless of their usage in the hand-coded kern feature. Is it possible to check the feature more thoroughly and retain the groups that are actually used?

parsing potentially custom kerning code is very fragile. And one might use the classes in any other feature, too. I can try to write them out regardless if they are used or not and hope that makeOTF is not confused.

As far as I can tell, makeOTF is not confused and so I write out all classes now. This is one of the best feature requests where the fix is to just delete code :wink:

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Thanks, though I think it helps to delete unused classes under normal circumstances.

It only effects the feature file and takes a tiny bit of time writing and reading it. It would take much longer to scan all the feature code to see if they are used somewhere. And some people include() files.