Unwanted Variable Font Preset on Export

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I’m having an unwanted preset style when generating my variable fonts. I can’t recall having the same issue with Glyphs 2. The name of the preset behaves slightly different in Adobe applications: while it uses a generic list of axes in InDesign 2021, it is called »Regular« or any other specified name in the Font Info. Photoshop doesn’t show it at all. Is there a way to avoid generating this unwanted preset? I tried a couple of ways but without success unfortunately.

Find attached a screenshot:

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A variable font must have a fallback style name. You can set it with the style name of a variable font setting (hidden in the plus button).

InDesign always shows an entry for the default outlines (your origin master), no matter if you also have it as an instance or not. If you do not have it as an instance, it is supposed to show the fallback style name. I believe there currently is a bug in InD that may display the first axis name instead.

So, if you do not want this entry, make sure your origin is reflected as an instance in Font Info > Exports.

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Thanks a lot mekkablue!
Re bug: Looks like InDesign 2021 shows a list of axes no matter what you define as a fallback style name — at least for me:


Do you have an instance with the exact same coordinates as your first master?

No, I don’t. That’s why the whole mess is happening I assume.
I usually use my first master as an instance — that’s why I haven’t encountered this issue previously. Not this time though :man_shrugging:

If you want to work around the issue, you will need to have an instance with the same coordinates as your origin master. That’s either your first master or the one you have declared with the custom parameter Variable Font Origin.

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Fantastic! Used the custom Parameter and it works perfectly fine now. Thanks a lot Rainer! :pray:

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An update: if you declare a master with the Variable Font Origin Custom Parameter which is not your first master it might mess up your kerning InDesign 2021.

Does the kerning work in brewers and FontGoggles?

Don’t know what brewers is but in FontGoggles it looks fine at first sight. If you click on Show Hidden Axes and you move one of the sliders the kerning breaks. And it stays broken even if you move the sliders back to the original position. If you click on Hide Hidden Axes the kerning looks fine again.

I meant Browsers (Safari it Chome).

Yeah, breaks in the browser as well (checked in Chrome Version 92.0.4515.107).