Update App Store

Updates take too long to be available in appstore, is there any other way?

Another subject, I’m unable to remove overlap to a multiple selections of glyphs. (version 1.3.7)
I would like to do it this way (instead of at export) because I want to check if there are nodes on top of each other.

The last update did take too long. This was because I changes a lot on the development system and then there where some issues that lead to some rejections. The next updates should be faster.

I know about the issue with the remove overlap. I will fix that.

Do you have any idea when the next update will be available. Thanks

Do you have any particular issue you need to have fixed?

Yes… this overlap question would be usefull, also open multiple glyphs in the metrics tab, undo only takes visual effect when I release both cmd and z key. But I can wait its not a life or death situation

You can open multiple glyphs. Instead of the double click, press cmd+T or cmd+arrow down.

Ok that is good!

Well this is a bit of topic and maybe I should open a new thread but here it goes. Is there a way to tune the remove overlap function? I mean sometimes I get two nodes almost on top of each other, is there a way to say if two nodes are very near they merge? The same with unnecessary nodes on a straight line?

There is the “Clean up Path” command. Does this work?

Yes it removes the duplicated nodes! However it does not delete unnecessary nodes, for instance a straight line only needs two nodes. But its already a good filter!

can you send me a .glpyhs file with just that outline that has the three nodes one a line? Because it is supposed to find this.

Ok, sorry, The reason the three nodes appeared was because of a bad alignment of the shapes! Im So sorry about these. This was happening with the serifs of the H, the two nodes were the extremes of the H’s stem. They were not perfectly aligned with the serif. It was my fault