Update Features without Jumping to Line 1

Is there a way to update my Features code and keep my place in the code editor?

I often find myself working on a section of code. I want to make a tweak to a substitution, and update to see how that affects my text and then keep working on that section of code. So I often find myself hitting the Update button (which moved my editor back to line 1), and then scrolling back to my section (let’s say line 1000) to keep editing.

I don’t understand. The Update button should only be relevant to code that is not manually written. Why would you hit it when you edit code?

It’s likely that I am doing something incorrectly.

If I have some text in a window.

and I don’t like the way the DS goes together, for instance, I will add or tweak the contextual sub. Then I update to show the change to the word.

Do not Update, but Compile. That will update the preview bit shouldn’t interfere with the features.

Thank you, Georg.